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Once you’ve added all of your desired headings and subheadings, place your cursor in the location where you’d like your automatically generated table of contents to appear.

For example, you may wish to insert a new blank page at the beginning of your document (Insert Blank Page from the Word toolbar).

Once there, click the References tab in the toolbar.

At the far left of the References tab you’ll see a button labeled Table of Contents.

Just remember to keep applying heading styles as necessary when you modify your document and you’ll never have to worry that your chapter titles or your page numbers won’t match the table of contents. I gotta admit that I’m not the biggest fan of Word, powerful though it is, but I like this feature a lot.

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Next, head up to the Word toolbar (or the “Ribbon,” as Microsoft so adorably named it) and, from the Home tab, click the Styles button.

Word table of contents not updating

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