Screenupdating not working

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You can verify this by launching Word the old-fashioned way and opening File1 at the bottom of the File menu after running the sample code.Although it would be difficult to do an exhaustive test, in theory this should work from any Automation client-Visual Basic, Excel, Power Point, or any other.

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Screenupdating not working

Excel & Word have the Screen Updating method thru which a developer can lock the main window from unnecessarily redrawing itself whilst the macro is being executed. If left alone, redrawing is not only ugly on the eyes it also takes more time for the macro to reach completion.

Hence I created this generic wrapper to lock the window updates.

Looking at his benchmark and its VBA code you can see that has Screen Updating ON and repeatedly calculates in Automatic mode.

Each calculation triggers some RANDBETWEEN functions with a number of dependent cells.

Declare Function Find Window Lib "user32" Alias "Find Window A" _ (By Val lp Class Name As String, _ By Val lp Window Name As Long) As Long ' Use Lock Window Update to prevent/enable window refresh Declare Function Lock Window Update Lib "user32" _ (By Val hwnd Lock As Long) As Long ' Use Update Window to force a refresh of the Power Point window Declare Function Update Window Lib "user32" (By Val hwnd As Long) As Long Property Let Screen Updating(State As Boolean) Static hwnd As Long Dim Version No As String ' Get Version Number If State = False Then Version No = Left(Application. Version, ".") - 1) ' Get handle to the main application window using Class Name Select Case Version No Case "8" ' For PPT97: hwnd = Find Window("PP97Frame Class", 0&) Case "9" ' For PPT2K: hwnd = Find Window("PP9Frame Class", 0&) Case "10" ' For XP: hwnd = Find Window("PP10Frame Class", 0&) Case "11" ' For 2003: hwnd = Find Window("PP11Frame Class", 0&) Case "12" ' For 2007: hwnd = Find Window("PP12Frame Class", 0&) Case "14" ' For 2010: hwnd = Find Window("PPTFrame Class", 0&) Case "15" ' For 2013: hwnd = Find Window("PPTFrame Class", 0&) Case Else Err.

Screenupdating not working

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