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The couple first met at a party in London through mutual friends and started dating several months ago. No, he's just a really good person," she said, bringing up the seven-year age gap between the couple.

The Disney actress, beloved for her '90s and early 2000s movies, moved abroad a few years ago in order to get her life back on track. "The tabloids are like, ' Oh, he's so much younger.' But he's very mature, very worldly.

TMZ said Tarabasov, 22, proposed to the Mean Girls star, 29, this past weekend.

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She released a couple of albums that sold well, poked around in fashion and started exploring more serious roles.

But then…well, to vastly oversimplify, let’s just say that a 2007 DUI arrest and a penchant for late-night shenanigans promptly turned her into a tabloid caricature, and it’s been a bit of a bumpy ride ever since. The absurdity of Lindsay’s current position in the celebrity-industrial complex has not gone unnoticed.

From where we’re standing, the answer is simple: She’s a grown-ass woman, we paid her a pretty penny and half the earth’s population wanted to see her naked.

As for who she is, you’ll have to take Lindsay at her word: This is the beginning, not the end of her career–a millennial hat tip to Drew Barrymore, perhaps.

The supposed source goes on to say, “But Putin pooh-poohed Li Lo’s scheme! It’s all made-up nonsense courtesy of unscrupulous, sensational tabloids.

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