Faith based dating Amature naked chat

by  |  28-Feb-2018 22:09

That link to the user base is very important to the site’s founder because it adds to the authenticity of Christian Connection.

While not every team member is a Christian, all are committed to making the site the best it can be.

You can also filter out users without a picture, if that’s your preference.

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Making matches for over a decade, Christian Connection has received many thanks from happy couples like Matt and Kate.

“We have literally hundreds and hundreds of success stories,” Founder Jackie Elton told us.

Today, the site continues to expand its reach in places like Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

A passionate team develops the product to keep up with an increasingly mobile and globalized customer base.

He now heads up the customer service team, oversees offline marketing, curates the blog, social media activity, and manages partnerships with other Christian organizations.

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