Asian interracial dating in california

by  |  03-Mar-2018 17:00

Then every time I saw either a WM/AW couple and/or AM/WW couple, I would mark a vertical stroke on the corresponding side of the paper.

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Every day I brought a sheet of paper and a pen with me, and I drew a vertical line in the middle.

On the left side of the paper I wrote the heading “WM/AW Team” and on the right side I wrote the heading “AM/WW Team”.

After I chose to marry a White Brazilian woman, two primary questions still remained in my mind: 1) Why are there so many more WM/AW pairings as compared to AM/WW? ) I found Jocelyn’s website and read On the Rarity of Foreign Women and Chinese Boyfriends/Chinese Husbands in China.

I felt she did an excellent job explaining why AM/WW pairings are so rare.

However, there are no statistics on the number of WM/AW versus AM/WW pairings.

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